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What is Marketiva ?

With more than 520,000 serviced users, 310,000 unique and live trading accounts, and more than 3.7 million live orders executed each month, Marketiva is one of the most popular over the counter market makers in the world.
You Receive $5.00 FREE Money to Try Live Forex Trading today. Marketiva Start Trading Forex Today With as Little as $1 Dollar. If you ever thought about Forex Trading you will never find a better place to learn than right here at Marketiva plus they pay you $5.00 real money just to open your account and another $10.000 virtual money to practice with.Marketiva are a Swiss company based in Lausanne and have recently launched their Forex Trading Platform fully integrated with e-currencies. It is a state of the art platform with many advanced features but really user friendly for beginners with 24 hour live support via their onboard chat room.

So join marketiva , you got nothing to loose and lots to gain. Spend some time on the website and you just might surprise yourself by how much you learn and in six months or a year from now you could be trading for a living.Enjoy Forex Trading in Marketiva, doing Trade from Home or Office. Earn income Us $ 50 - $ 100 per day from Easy Trading, It’s Fun !Download Streamster Software now, be successful trader in the forex market. Visit Maketiva website, Open Account Today !

Forex online trading a trade system according to online that is via internet technology ware, where with this system unnecessary investor again come or busy phone broker office, because enough with internet access now can easily you can, you can sit at home while enjoy coffee dish and fiddle around with family, at warnet or cafe that has internet service hotspot and other . All price informations and investment execution can be done, where and any time whilst you can relate to the this illusion world. Thereby forex online trading this have come to trend alternative easy investment and cheap at this information technology century.

Excess other from forex online trading that is leverage and two ways opportunity, where with existence leverage investor only need investasi capital equal 4 – 10 % from investment total that need, and two ways opportunity that is possibility that can get advantage when strong currency exchange rate and or weakens, besides investor also earns actively controls x'self its (the invesment risk becomes as minimum as possible).

next surplus explanation from forex online trading:

Small capital laverage
. With system existence margin make possible investors to do in big volume with little relative capital.

Two ways opportunity
Transaction can be done with two directions, buy or will sell beforehand based on predictions rates will rise or go down (trend).
for example moment that is you take position buy and obvious currency price movement show trend rise significant, so you can take profit from price difference buy with close position buy you with sell (take profit), so also on the contrary when do you take position sell formerly and then currency price movement experience trend depreciation, so you also can take profit with close position sell you with (take profit).

buy at low price, sell at a stiff price = profit
sell at a stiff price, buy at low price = profit

High liquidity
capital which in planting at the times can easily be liquefied to return, a lot of fund liquefaction method and fund increasing dependings from company forex.

Flexible and no time management constribution necessary
24 clocks a day begin from monday until friday, where and any time you can do transaction provided you are connections with internet.

• 04.30 wib: new zealant exchange
• 05.30 wib: sydney stock exchange
• 07.00 wib: tokyo stock exchange (market open)
• 08.45 wib: hong kong stock exchange
• 09.00 wib: singapore stock exchange
• 09.30 wib: jakarta stock exchange
• 14.30 wib: european exchange and london exchange
• 19.30 wib: new york stock exchange
• 04.00 wib: new york stock exchange (market close)
this investment is bot many sizes time for the management is compared with other effort.

Risk management and limited risk
You can manage self existing risk. Some ways to restrain your finances at the time of does trading at marketiva, among others:

• averaging
• stoploss and limit
• cut loss
• switching

No man power cost and no taxation
Doesn't need cost for labour.
This trade is done globally between world finance centre with involve world principal bank as principal executor from this transaction. This effort blooms in such a way fast in period lately with growth level around 30 percents per year it. This currency trade is one of [the] trade effort rotation volume and biggest the money circulation at world and in this time number around usd 1.5 trilliun every the day. Rotation volume magnitude form a market has perfect rivalry for no one even also participant in this trade has function as price determinant.

About Forex online trading

Marketiva company service forex trading online from switzerland, europe. The services enough popular fast at internet. Every member can direct do trading with beginning capital enough 1 or even cost less, even to begin at marketiva this you be be given capital as big as 5 (real money) that can direct you use to live trading. After you get profit enough so you can interesting it to your bill.

Besides 5 as beginning capital, you also get virtual money as big as us$10,000. This virtual money is tool for you to learn simulation trading, so that you easier realizes manner analyzes price movement, sales manner (transaction), read chart, and everything that trading forex. After you have felted self confidence so you can direct use money 5 that you have got according to free that to do live trading.

As a member marketiva, you also will get software trading, that is streamster according to free and can at download a moment after you are registered as member. Software streamster this platform trading online marketiva that used to transaction currency sales according to online, observe price movement according to realtime and economic news update at internet

Superiority marketiva:

  • bonuses 5 cash, can direct be used to live trading
  • spread begin from 3 pips for pair eur/usd
  • trading begin from 1% margin
  • virtual demo and live trading with 1 account
  • latest economic news
  • alerts on market events
  • there is no trade commitee
  • 24-hour customer support
  • process deposit and withdrawl (money withdrawal) easy
  • chat channels
  • charting tools easy used
Superiority besides the at mention on, marketiva give to chance to all little investor that wants to do currency trade. Apart from capital usd 5 that given by marketiva, also can their capital increase self with little relative total .

One click Trading
  • Buy and sell financial instruments with one mouse click
  • No Commissions or exchange fees on your trades, you can trade as much as you like
  • You can start trading with as little as $1
  • Open your account for free an get $5 cash reward so you can start trading right away

Diversification and Practise
  • Trade $10,000 with only $100 in your account using 1% margin on forex, index, and commodity desks.
  • If you look for long term profits, you can invest in funds and reduce your investment risk.
  • No interest charged on your open margin position.
  • You don't need to start on live market right away practise with your virtual money first.

News, chat, alerts and support
  • Real time economic news and forecasts about global economy and markets.
  • Get alerts narrated aloud prior to major scheduled market events.
  • Chat with order traders about market events, exchange trading ideas and learn.
  • Get help from maketiva support proffesionals available 24h on support channels
Advanced Personalized Charting
  • The most sophisticated and easy to use charting tool with build in advanced technical indicators.
  • You can trade, view and modify open positions directly on your charts.
  • Modify parameters of technical indicators in real time and see how they appear immediatelly.
  • Build your chart collection by adding your saved chart configurations.

Simple and powerful
  • Easy to use and understand even if you are a beginner.
  • Streamster trading software gives you the best trading experience available.
  • Arrange trading windows according to your preference, set advanced option, and much more.
  • You only 5 minutes to open your account, and it's FREE.
Download Streamster Software now, be successful trader in the forex market. Visit Maketiva website, Open Account Today !

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